Welcome to the Sturgeon Bay Sport Fishing Association of Door County. Membership is comprised of the most experienced Charter Captains and Guides in the Sturgeon Bay area. All members are fully licensed and insured and abide by our code of ethics. This insures your fishing experience will far exceed your expectations.
Sturgeon Bay Sport Fishing Association of Door County

Welcome Fishermen!

The member captains and guides welcome you to the Sturgeon Bay Sport Fishing Association

First we’d like to emphasize why we choose to Fish Sturgeon Bay!

Sturgeon Bay’s rich fishing history goes back centuries. Both commercial and sport fishing have thrived ever since man arrived on the Door Peninsula. Its uniqueness completely evolves around its geological existence. When great glaciers carved out the Great Lakes, it formed a peninsula surrounded by two distinct bodies of water.

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Lake Michigan

On the lake side of Sturgeon Bay’s shoreline lies one of only a handful of reefs along lake Michigan’s shoreline. Known to the Lake Angler as the Bank Reef, it holds the distinction as Lake Michigan’s most popular reef structure. Schools of bait-fish are attracted to the Bank and naturally the BIG fish follow. The Wisconsin State Record Chinook Salmon came from the Bank.

Bay of Green Bay

The bay side is known for its trophy Walleye, Small Mouth Bass, Northern Pike, Musky and an excellent Perch fishery. Couple this with access to Lake Michigan allows opportunities for some of the best King Salmon, Brown Trout, and Steelhead, as well as Lake Trout.

If that’s not enough to have you thinking Fish Sturgeon Bay, let’s add some more reasons.

The same scenic shorelines that offer ideal habitat for all of the fish, also allows anglers to fish more in Sturgeon Bay. Both shorelines have bays and harbors that offer protection from wind and waves that no other area can provide. There is always a protected shoreline that’s waiting to be fished. And while your fishing you will be treated to the finest scenery found anywhere. With the best fishing on the planet, great scenery, loads of fish to catch, and an endless season….

That's why we Fish Sturgeon Bay!
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All our members are licensed & insured captains who are not only experienced professionals, but also have an appreciation for quality service and are amazing hosts.


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